ROMANS Chapter 6-7 Review

     We started this class about a year ago. After taking the summer off, we are back and almost half way through Romans. I hope you are enjoying the classes and that you are learning as much as I am.
     Romans is the book of foundational doctrine for this dispensation. So it is essential for any saint today to understand this book in order to walk in step with God. There is so much in Romans, and I sure donít pretend to know it all, so if you see a passage differently than I do, or if you want to add to or question something, please send your thoughts. The object is to understand and believe what God has written, not what I write.
     II Tim 2:15 says, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." So letís study, and divide His word by recognizing what part is for the past, present and future. Paul is "the apostle of the Gentiles" for this age in which God has temporarily cast the nation Israel aside. (Rom 11:13-15) Letís be like those in Acts 17:11, who "received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so".
     I use the King James Version and will gladly explain why if youíd like to know. Now letís review Romans 6 & 7 and classes 301-307.
Review of Romans 6
1. How would you briefly summarize what Romans 6 is about?
2. Since we are forever forgiven by Godís grace, why not just keep on sinning?
3. What does the Greek word "baptize" mean?
4. Into what or who are we baptized? Who baptized us? Was water involved? (Vs 3,4; I Cor 12:13)
5. How many kinds of baptism are in effect today? (Eph 4:5) Name and explain 3 baptisms in the Bible other than ours. (Mat 3:11)
6. What does "dead to sin" mean? (Vs 2) How has sinís power over us been ended? In other words, why do we no longer have to sin? (Vs 6,7)
7. What does it mean to "walk in newness of life"? (Vs 4)
8. What is "our old man" and what happened to him when we trusted Christ? How can that effect us in everyday life? (Vs 6)
9. Once we have been baptized into Christ, is there any way that we could not be resurrected to live with Him? (Vs 8-11)
10. What does "reckon" mean? How are we to reckon ourselves in relation to God? (Vs 11)
11. Is life a continual struggle to stop sinning? Or has Christ settled the issue of sin already?
12. What did people under the law do when they sinned? What should we do when we sin?
13. Man is made of a body, a soul and a spirit. Describe each component.
14. Are we under Godís law today? (Vs 14,15) List at least 8 differences between living under a law system and living under grace.
15. Can a saint serve sin? Does he have a choice? (Vs 13)
16. Can a natural man serve righteousness? Does he have a choice? (Vs 20)
17. What are the consequences of serving sin? Of serving righteousness? (Vs 22-23)
18. Is serving sin consistent with our new identity as servants of righteousness?
Review of Romans 7
19. Was the law made for our old sin identity, or our new righteous identity in Christ? (Gal 5:18; I Tim 1:8-10) So when you try to keep the law, which identity is functioning?
20. Does the law apply to a dead person? Is our old sin identity dead? Then does the law apply to us? (Vs 1-6)
21. Is Romans 7:2-4 giving us instructions on marriage? What is itís purpose?
22. The object in this chapter is to "bring forth fruit unto God.". Should we be doing so by serving in "newness of spirit", or by keeping the letter of the law? (Vs 4-6)
23. What does trying to keep the commandments do to a saved person? (Vs 10,11)
24. When do you think Paul was "alive without the law", and when did the commandment come and sin revive again? (Vs 9)
25. How does sin deceive us with the commandments? (Vs 11)
26. Did the law cause death? Or did sin? What did the law do? (Vs 13)
27. Can the carnal (flesh) nature keep Godís law? Why? (Vs 14)
28. Why do we always fail when we try to keep the commandments? (Vs 21-23)
29. Is there any way to be free of the sin that lives in our bodies? How? (Vs 24, 25)
30. How would you briefly summarize chapter 7?

M. Dent